Secrets of Scandal: A Door Marked Exit

Secrets of Scandal: A Door Marked Exit

In the aftermath of 9/11, the FBI created its Most Wanted Terrorists list, a document listing the most dangerous, alleged terrorists wanted for capture. For many years, the list was stocked with men, but in May of this year, the FBI made history when it added the first female.

Joanne Chesimard (aka Assata Shakur), who was a member of the Black Liberation Army, allegedly shot and killed a state trooper in the 1970s. She was tried and convicted of the crime, but escaped prison in 1979, and is believed to be hiding out in Cuba. She was added to the list on the 40 year anniversary to the day of the shooting, in a controversial move that had some questioning the FBI’s motives (in fact, some are still in doubt of Chesimard’s guilt).

But the appearance of only one female on this list in the 12 years since its inception might suggest why Olivia, whose gut is never wrong, initially disbelieved that her mother could be the monster.

On this week’s episode of Scandal, Liv and the team work to uncover the truth about what really happened between Maya and Eli Pope (or should we say Marie Wallace and Rowan), before Maya’s plane lands in Hong Kong in less than 12 hours.  How could her gut have been so wrong?

But the team’s search for the facts is beset by obstacles, as Fitz has taken Rowan into interrogation, unaware of Liv’s recent realization that Maya is the real bad guy. While Fitz and Rowan exchange some heated words, Abby meets with David to try to get Marie Wallace’s files. We learn that Maya was born in East London, that her parents were linked with the Marxist Liberation Front, and that when she was 16, she fell off the grid, and assumed a variety of different names until she married Olivia’s dad.

And contrary to the story that Rowan held an innocent woman in custody for 22 years, we learn that Maya was paid large sums of money by anti-American groups to steal documents from Rowan, then a CIA agent.

Abby suggests to Olivia that, in those 22 years, perhaps Maya has served her time for being a spy. She says there’s no blood on Maya’s hands. But we soon learn that even that bit may be untrue.

As Liv puts the mystery together, she realizes that her mother lied to her father about there being a bomb on flight 522, and fooled him into shooting the plane down (to save lives on the ground). Since there was no bomb at all, the blood of the 329 lives lost in the shot-down plane is on Maya’s hands.

Devastated by this revelation (clip of this amazing scene below!), Olivia orders for Maya’s arrest as soon as her plane lands. But there’s no luck in that, as Fitz learns that the plane went down in Mongolia instead of Hong Kong. Olivia assumes that Maya has escaped and is in the wind. Her chance for justice is gone.  

Or is it? In a final twist, Maya resurfaces in front of the president’s home, with a threat that she’ll be seeing her daughter very soon.

With Maya back in DC, an NSA contractor stopping by David’s office with evidence that Sally murdered her husband, and Jake stepping into a new role, next year’s episodes look to be full of excitement! Stay tuned!

Olivia is devastated by her revelation

Liv Gets the Truth from Rowan|Olivia gets an answer about Remington and her mother.|Olivia gets an answer about Remington and her mother. Watch this scene from Scandal Episode 310: A Door Marked Exit.

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