Bryan Callen
Bryan Callen
as Coach Mellor

Actor Biography

Bryan Callen is an actor, comic and podcaster. He's currently in his fifth season as Coach Mellor on The Goldbergs and now stars in the spinoff, Schooled.

Callen is also the co-host of the popular podcast The Fighter & The Kid, alongside Brendan Schaub. In addition to performing in comedy clubs and theaters all over the world, Callen is preparing for the release of his latest one-hour special called Complicated Apes.

In 1995, Callen became an original cast member of MAD TV and went on to do many TV shows like Entourage, Sex & and City and Californication. He also played Eddie in The Hangover and Samir in The Hangover Part II.

Callen likes to box and play tennis, and enjoys telling people that his boxing and tennis are "high level."