October 2018

The coolest places and experiences around town that only the locals know about.

S1 E41 - Let There Be Neon in NYC
Who needs LEDs? Check out this cool Neon Studio in Tribeca!
10.25.18 | 3m
S1 E40 - Localish Revisits Luffa Gardens!
What happened after their episode went viral?
10.26.18 | 1m
S1 E39 - Meet the Godfather of Lowrider Bikes
Go inside Manny’s Bike Shop in Compton.
10.25.18 | 2m
S1 E38 - Pinkerton's Texas Pit BBQ Is Smokin' Hot!
Grant Pinkerton’s culinary vision is changing the face of Texas Barbecue.
10.25.18 | 3m
S1 E37 - Spirits Galore Inside Houston’s Most Haunted Bar
Just in time for Halloween, a look inside Houston’s La Carafe.
10.26.18 | 3m
S1 E36 - Welcome to New York's Creepy Evolution Store
This NYC store is where nightmares come true.
10.29.18 | 2m
S1 E35 - Art and Science Fuse in Chicago
The wndr museum is head-scratching and eye-popping!
10.25.18 | 1m
S1 E34 - Halloween Zombie Hunt in North Carolina
Zombie paintball, anyone?!
10.25.18 | 1m
S1 E33 - Hidden Speakeasy in NYC Ice Cream Shop
We all scream for… NYC’s first Ice Cream Speakeasy!
10.25.18 | 1m
S1 E32 - New York City's Halloween-Themed Bar
Every day is Halloween at this bar.
10.29.18 | 2m
S1 E31 - Go Inside Philadelphia's Mutter Museum
The strangest museum you'll ever see!
10.25.18 | 3m
S1 E30 - Go Inside a Rooftop Vineyard in New York
Rooftop Reds is one-of-a-kind in Brooklyn, NY.
10.22.18 | 1m
S1 E29 - A Secret Bar in Fresno's Tower District
The Library at Detention requires a password to get in.
10.22.18 | 1m
S1 E28 - Go Behind the Bars of Eastern State Penitentiary
It’s a historic prison with infamous inmates.
10.22.18 | 3m
S1 E27 - Historic Chicago Restaurant Has Thai Alter Ego
Fireside in Chicago has a secret menu.
10.22.18 | 1m
S1 E26 - A Peek Inside San Francisco's Mysterious Castle
Albion Castle has a little bit of everything.
10.22.18 | 1m
S1 E25 - Kick Axe Throwing in Brooklyn
Indoor axe throwing for kick axe fun.
10.11.18 | 1m
S1 E24 - Buck Rock Fire Lookout: Sequoia's Silent Sentinel
A view of the Sierra like no other.
10.12.18 | 1m
S1 E23 - Bowl Back in Time at Chicago's Southport Lanes
Go bowling like it’s 1922 all over again!
10.11.18 | 1m
S1 E22 - Love on Haight Street Brightens Fashion
Live your tie-dye dreams in glitter and gold at this San Francisco store.
10.11.18 | 1m