Secrets and Lies Recap: Shocking Paternity News in "The Father"

Secrets and Lies Recap: Shocking Paternity News in "The Father"

Welcome to Neighborhood Watch for Secrets and Lies! If you've missed the latest most talked-about episode, here you'll find highlights and recaps. *Warning: There WILL be spoilers!

At the end of the premiere episode, "The Trail," Ben (Ryan Phillippe) finds out the results of his DNA test from Cornell (Juliette Lewis). While it didn't necessarily prove his innocence, the test revealed something even more shocking: Ben is Tom's father.

In "The Father," Ben encounters Tom's grieving mother, Jess (Natalie Martinez), at Tom's shrine. When he insists he is innocent, Jess tells him she believes him: she thinks her husband, Scott, may be the killer. After all, he has quite the temper and is apparently violent. She even shows Ben a video of an explosive fight the couple recently had.

Is Ben a Liar?: Cornell will stop at nothing to prove Ben is the killer. Fed up with her relentless questioning and determined to prove his innocence, he requests to take a polygraph test, much to the dismay of his lawyer.

A Not-So-Secret Rendezvous: Ben's troubles don't stop there. When he hears his older daughter Natalie (Indiana Evans) planning a secret rendezvous, he follows her to the meeting. Spying on his daughter, he catches her meeting up with none other than Scott and hastily interrupts them. While Scott takes off on his motorcycle, Natalie is furious with her father and lets him know it.

Ben to the Rescue: During a morning run, Ben hears screaming at Jess' house. Spotting Scott's motorcycle in the driveway, he comes to Jess' rescue, punching Scott and getting beaten to a bloody pulp as a result. Scott doesn't let go of Ben until Jess' sister Nicole demands he stop.

The Neighborhood Comes Together: Tom's funeral is the following day and the Crawfords are in attendance, along with everyone else from the neighborhood. It's an emotional event for everyone - but even more so for Ben, who lost the son he never knew he had.

Christy's Secret: Despite an earlier attempt at warning Ben, Cornell tells him in person that there was a leak in the crime lab and the media has found out that Ben is Tom's father. Unfortunately, the news travels fast and Ben's family finds out while watching TV before he can tell them personally, which shocks and upsets them. Later, Christy (KaDee Strickland) confronts Ben, inquiring details about the night he slept with Jess. It's an intense conversation for both parties, as it brings up Christy's abortion, a decision that weighs heavy on the both of them.

This week was a tough one for Ben, who not only struggles as the main suspect under Cornell's watchful eye but also with his paternity news. Coming up next week, Ben and Jess track down Scott. Will Ben finally be free from suspicion?

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