Secrets and Lies Recap: A Stalker is Revealed in "The Confession"

Secrets and Lies Recap: A Stalker is Revealed in "The Confession"

Welcome to Neighborhood Watch for Secrets and Lies! If you've missed the latest most talked-about episode, here you'll find highlights and recaps. *Warning: There WILL be spoilers!

In "The Confession," the vigilante stalking Ben (Ryan Phillippe) ups the ante and reveals their identity - but not before embarking on a dangerous game of cat and mouse. In a strange turn of events, Cornell (Juliette Lewis) ends up having to rescue Ben from life-threatening danger.

Ben's Stalker Strikes... Again: Even after the incident in his truck, Ben doesn't seem to be too concerned over his stalker. However, that isn't the only trick up the stalker's sleeve. A video of him sleeping, accompanied by audio footage of an incriminating conversation with Dave (Dan Fogler), sends Ben over the edge - especially when he discovers someone had a hidden camera placed in his room.

The Day It All Changed: With Ben crashing at Dave's, the two get candid and Dave asks Ben when Christy (KaDee Strickland) changed. Ben confides in his long-time friend that the day she changed was the day she decided to get an abortion six years ago.

Caught in the Act: Kevin springs several surprises on Ben, including the fact that he is Ben's stalker. He reveals the day he stopped liking Ben was the day of the neighborhood Fourth of July barbecue six years ago: the day he caught Ben and Jess (Natalie Martinez) having sex.

No Confession Here: Convinced Ben is Tom's killer, Kevin holds him at gunpoint in hopes of forcing him to confess. Ben maintains his innocence, telling Kevin he would rather be shot than lie about killing his son. 

Homecoming: Upon returning home from being held captive by Kevin, Ben receives a warm welcome from Dave and his family - even Natalie (Indiana Evans) is on her best behavior. Despite their attempt at showering him with kindness and providing him a pizza dinner, he is clearly still shaken by the whole ordeal. 

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