Secrets and Lies Recap: A Leak is Exposed in "The Cop"

Secrets and Lies Recap: A Leak is Exposed in "The Cop"

Welcome to Neighborhood Watch for Secrets and Lies! If you've missed the latest most talked-about episode, here you'll find highlights and recaps. *Warning: There WILL be spoilers! 

In "The Cop," Ben (Ryan Phillippe) discovers more about the ruthless ways of Cornell (Juliette Lewis), meeting her jailbird daughter and learning about a fellow murder suspect. He also exposes the identity of the leak in the crime lab. 

Another Seth Goring: After visiting Cornell's daughter, who pegs Ben as "another Seth Goring," he goes to Seth's house in hopes of comparing notes about Cornell. Ben speaks with Seth's wife, who explains Cornell hounded her husband to the point that he decided to take his own life. 

Goodbye, Flashlight: Determined to get rid of the flashlight, Ben sees a window of opportunity when the family goes shopping for a present for Michael. He doesn't get caught, but a suspicious Christy (KaDee Strickland) is onto him. 

A Leak Exposed: After a tip, Cornell intimidates Ben into thinking he's being arrested and takes him to the woods where a team is searching. Ben recognizes one of the search team members as Linda from Fenton's house. When he greets her, he exposes her as the leak in the crime lab. 

The Last Ultimatum: Christy confronts Ben and it turns into an explosive argument. When she gives him an ultimatum, Ben gets fed up and shows her the door. She leaves, taking Natalie (Indiana Evans) and Abby (Belle Shouse) with her. 

Did Ben Blackout?: When Ben maintains he doesn't remember the night of the murder, Cornell presents him with surveillance footage from the cab he took that night. The video shows him going to Jess' (Natalie Martinez) house, which he has no memory of. 

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