Secrets and Lies Recap: A Night Revisited in "The Son"

Secrets and Lies Recap: A Night Revisited in "The Son"

Welcome to Neighborhood Watch for Secrets and Lies! If you've missed the latest most talked-about episode, here you'll find highlights and recaps. *Warning: There WILL be spoilers! 

In "The Son," Ben (Ryan Phillippe) and Dave (Dan Fogler) retrace their steps of the night at the bar to help Ben jog his memory and clear his name. Also, Natalie (Indiana Evans) and Abby (Belle Shouse) get caught in the crossfire of Ben and Christy's (KaDee Strickland) nasty arguments. 

To Ben, From Dave: A Santa hat-clad Dave barges in with a special Christmas present for Ben. In the box sits the flashlight Ben tried to get rid of, revealing Dave is the one who saved Ben from imprisonment. 

Are You Cheating on Me?: During a conversation with Dave, Ben flashes back to the night Christy found out he cheated on her with Jess (Natalie Martinez). It was the night she kicked him out of the house - the same night he and Dave ended up going to the bar. 

A Drunken Ben: Dave tries to help Ben jog his memory of the night at the bar, informing his friend that he was drunk and acting out of character. 

Father-Son Bonding: Ben finally remembers what happened that night - including a tender moment with Tom. When Ben puts him to bed, Tom tells him about losing his tooth and that the tooth fairy hadn't come yet. Ben plays tooth fairy in a sweet moment with his son. 

Secret Stash: After a warning and a tip from his lawyer, Ben ransacks the house in search of Christy's stashed cash. Just when it seems like it is nowhere to be found, he thinks of going into the attic. There, he discovers the hidden money. 

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