Secrets and Lies Season Finale Recap: Tom Murphy's Killer is Revealed

Secrets and Lies Season Finale Recap: Tom Murphy's Killer is Revealed

Welcome to Neighborhood Watch for "The Lie" episode of Secrets and Lies, originally airing May 3, 2015. In the shocking season finale, Abby (Belle Shouse) is revealed to be the killer. Finally free to enjoy the holidays with his family, Ben (Ryan Phillippe) experiences joy for only a moment before he finds evidence that points to Abby as the killer all along.

Who is Framing Jess?: Jess (Natalie Martinez) is taken in after police find the murder jacket in her house. When Cornell (Juliette Lewis) presents her with the bloody jacket, Jess insists she didn't kill her son, prompting Cornell to explain that someone is trying to frame Jess. 

The Shocking Killer: Finally able to spend time with his family as a free man, Ben is putting away his ladder before dinner when he finds Abby's bloody shoes under the house. When he confronts her about it, Abby doesn't deny killing Tom, claiming it was an accident. 

Runaways: After discovering Abby is the killer, Ben sends the girls away and plans to give Cornell what she wants. Natalie (Indiana Evans) refuses to take part and threatens to go to Cornell if they make her, so Christy (KaDee Strickland) and Abby take off. 

Natalie's Heartbreaking Goodbye: Dave (Dan Fogler) and Ben take Natalie to Michael's, where she'll be living for a while. There, Natalie and Ben share a tearful, heartbreaking goodbye. 

A False Confession: Ben voluntarily goes to the station and confesses to the murder. Knowing Ben is only confessing to protect Abby, Cornell informs him that Tom was hit with the flashlight six times. 

One Last Chance: Cornell tries to convince Ben one last time to recant his confession, but he doesn't cave, believing he is doing the right thing and protecting Abby. 

Cornell Breaks Down: A defeated Cornell finally shows some emotion, crying during a breakdown in her car. 

New Mission: Cornell is joined at the bar by her ex-husband, Dr. Barrett, and the two discuss the outcome of the Murphy case. When he tells her there is nothing she can do, she tells him her mission to put Abby Crawford away. 

14 Months Later: The story doesn't end there! In the final Cornell: Confidential, set over a year after the end of the season finale episode, Cornell approaches a newly-turned-18 Natalie about testifying against Abby. Even though he is gone, Natalie wants to aid in clearing her father's name. 

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