Watch the Premiere of "Secrets and Lies"

Watch the Premiere of "Secrets and Lies"

Watch the first hour of Secrets and Lies on WATCH ABC for a limited time without signing in. Watch now.

Check out this scene from the premiere episode when Detective Cornell interrogates Ben Crawford as a suspect.

Ben Crawford
 runs frantically through the woods in the pouring rain in the early morning hours. Coming upon a neighborhood, he desperately yells for help. He stops at his house, ringing the doorbell and banging on the door, yelling for his wife Christy to open up. Later, authorities confirm the death of 5-year-old Tom Murphy who was found in the woods. Could Ben have had a hand in Tom Murphy's death? To find out, watch the premeire episode of Secrets and Lies for a limited time without signing in.

Don't forget to watch the digital series Cornell: Confidential which picks up where Secrets and Lies leaves off, offering fans an intimate look into the investigation through Detective Andrea Cornell’s eyes. In the first installment, Christy Crawford meets with Detective Cornell in the interrogation room at the station, answering questions about the night Tom Murphy was murdered. Cornell is relentless with her questions, catching Christy in a lie.  

Cornell: Confidential: "Christy"

Watch Cornell: Confidential on and immediately following the East Coast broadcast of Secrets and Lies SUNDAYS 9|8c.

Watch a sneak peak from next Sunday's episode of Secrets and Lies.

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