Season 1, Episode 12

Season 1, Episode 12

Romp n' Roll is an exciting new early childhood enrichment franchise! Designed with the developmental (and giggling) needs of children 3 months to 6 years in mind, Romp n' Roll offers classes in art, music, gym and science and combinations of them all. Each weekly class in our 6- and 12-week sessions is different. So, whether your little one wants to walk on the moon, hunt for buried treasure or swim the sharks, it's at Romp 'n Roll where imaginations will soar!

Hells Bells have made a legally mandated safety product - the helmet - which most people didn't want to wear, into a fun and desirable accessory. Hells Bells uses patented technology to create real 3D designs on helmets for motorcycle riders, snowboarders, skiers, skateboarders, bikers and any athlete needing a helmet for safety. Hells Bells is revolutionizing the helmet industry with safer and more appealing helmets, which allow the wearer to express their individuality or team spirit, while still protecting their noggin. When you need to wear a helmet, wear a Hells Bell!

My business is all about helping every golfer play better golf. The Twister is the answer to never having to play golf with a dirty golf ball again. This lite weight portable golf ball cleaner attaches to any golf bag for use anywhere on the golf course. It also fits into golf cart cup holders. My motto is, "Clean golf balls perform better!"

Dorene Humason a.k.a. The Chef in Black creates fresh, nutritious & delicious meals. Learn about her flagship product, Jaden Chinese Salad Dressing and Seasoning Mix.

Never run out of printer ink again! Hate running out of printer ink, driving to the store to buy a new cartridge, spending a pile of money then doing it all over again a few weeks later? Introducing - like online movie rental for your printer. InkFlip keeps you stocked with spare ink cartridges. Next time you run dry send your empties back to us (pre-paid & pre-addressed). We'll refill and return them so you'll always have a backup. Save 30 - 70%, never run dry again, & do something great for the environment!
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