Season 1, Episode 2

Season 1, Episode 2

Creators of Extraordinary Gourmet Food Products. Their products help the home cook prepare delicious healthful meals quickly and make them look like a 5 star chef to family & friends.  

Crooked Jaw is a up and coming action sport/streetwear brand from Long Island, NY. We have worked with many professionals athletes and bands and are looking to be the next big brand in the clothing industry.  

AttachNoted is the solution to that irritating problem of loosing those sticky notes while working at your computer. AttachNoted will keep all your sticky notes in place and organized. Also, place your precious pictures or favorite business cards in the 3 slots, that are provided on the front sheet. Now one can securely take all those important sticky notes to their next appointment without having to reposition them.

LifeBelt is a safety device that prevents the car engine from starting unless the drivers seat belt is buckled. It can also control other seat belts within the vehicle.  

Classroom Jams is an educational record label & publishing house. We produce popular music that turns kids on to school curriculum. Our concept albums and teacher's guides are the cutting edge in high-interest, high-minded teaching tools.