Season 4, Episode 5

Season 4, Episode 5

The children's clothing line Cozy Bug is known for their "pillowcase dresses." Cozy Bug "pillowcase" dresses can be worn for several years by kids instead of just for the season like most children't clothes out there. The dress cinches at the neck allowing for growth in the chest and tummy and ties at the shoulder with ribbons allowing for growth in length. It starts off as a dress and then years later can be worn as an adorable top with leggings or shorts! Cozy Bug customers love getting their little cutie pies initials monogrammed on the adorable dress they ordered.

Wired Waffles are energized snack waffles that are equivalent to the leading energy shot. Yes, we put the energy shot into the waffle! They are individually wrapped and require no syrup. Wired Waffles come in three flavors including sweet sugar, cinnamon and chocolate chip. We have recently released our all Natural Caffeinated Syrup and our new Bacon Maple flavored waffle will be out soon!

The Spatty and Spatty Daddy are money saving, inexpensive, green, versatile tools that allow a user to get every last drop of their bottled products. We have all thrown away expensive cosmetics and lotions that cannot be removed from the sides and bottom of containers. The amount of wasted product and money is significant.  Consumer Reports  did a study showing that 17-25% of lotion-like consistency is thrown away when the product is no longer easy to get out. This is a large chunk of money and product wasted. For example, a basic foundation bottle at $35 per bottle would add up to $8.75 lost, not including 17-25% of product wasted. If you purchase a bottle of foundation a month it will add up to $105.00 just thrown into the trash a year. The Spatty and Spatty Daddy will put an end to all that unessasary waste and put the money back into the consumers pocket. 
The Spatty and Spatty Daddy are utility and design patent pending products. The features of the Spatty and Spatty Daddy include a FDA/USDA approved plastic handle and a flexible spatula-like head that allow for easy removal of product off the sides and bottoms of containers. The Spatty and Spatty Daddy are sturdy, flexible and re-usable.

Marz Sprays manufactures and distributes a line of Oral Sprays to address the top consumer challenges of immunity, energy, kids health, peaceful sleep and weight management. Unlike competitive pills, "shots" or powders, Marz Sprays are convenient, affordable and easy-to-use. 

Unlike pills, which nearly 100 million Americans indicate they have trouble swallowing, oral sprays absorb quickly, contain no binders, fillers or glue and are easy to carry and transport. Marz Sprays products are sugar and gluten free and are designed to last one month, making the line affordable and effective. 

Marzsprays are fully developed, tested, patented and trademarked. Our sprays are manufactured under strict FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our lab has been audited and approved by leading independent bodies as well as by governmental health authorities worldwide. Marz Sprays are proudly made in the U.S.A.
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