The Big Deals of Season 6 So Far

The Big Deals of Season 6 So Far

Thanksgiving is an opportunity to -- wait for it -- give thanks for all the good stuff that's happened to you in the past year. Every entrepreneur that gets their chance on Shark Tank is hoping to make a deal that gives them a really big something-to-be-thankful-for, but only the lucky few really know the rush of having one of the Sharks look at your idea and say, "I want in on that," and then turn it into a success story.

So here's a look at some of the folks who have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

Paper Box Pilots

It takes a lot of guts to get in the Shark Tank, and many adults crumble in there. But 13-year-old CEO Noah Cahoon kept his cool and locked up a deal for his toy company -- with Mr. Wonderful, no less. If you don't get a little choked up when Noah's father gets emotional talking about how proud he is of his son, it might be time to recalibrate your sensors, robot.

Paper Box Pilots Flying High|The 13-year-old CEO has three offers on the table.|With offers from Barbara, Kevin, and Robert on the table, 13-year-old Noah Cahoon must decide which offer will be best for Paper Box Pilots, which sells sticker kits that turn cardboard boxes into kids' toys. From Shark Tank's season 6 episode, "Week 3."



Not every deal comes together smoothly. The owners of Sun-Staches do their best to hold onto their valuation of their costume eyewear company, but face relentless pressure from the Sharks, most notably Daymond John. Daymond finally makes their day with a great deal, but not before he pretty much crushes their spirits and shows them why he's the Shark and they're the ones crying in the fetal position in the Shark Tank. Okay, maybe that last part doesn't happen, but it's certainly how you'd find us if we were in their shoes.

Sun-Staches Slashes Their Valuation|Daymond and Mark patiently wait for them to talk themselves down.|Daymond and Mark do some incredibly tough negotiating to get Sun-Staches to drop their valuation -- repeatedly. But will that be enough for Sun-Staches to get an investment? From Shark Tank's season 6 episode, "Week 4."


After Barbara shocked the room by proclaiming she doesn't invest in rich kids' businesses, Reviver stuck it out and ended up netting Lori's investment for their clothing refresher wipes. They had to sweat it out pretty good though -- a perfect opportunity to field test their product.

Reviver Weighs Two Offers|Lori and Robert are both interested in investing.|After Barbara calls them out as a "rich kid business," Reviver's numbers and product still attract Lori and Robert, and Ben and Eric Kusin have to make a choice. From Shark Tank's season 6 episode, "Week 3."

Red Dress Boutique

With huge sales to boast to the Sharks, Red Dress Boutique is in a great place to negotiate. They wanted two Sharks, and they have Mark and Robert interested, but the Sharks aren't sure they'll get enough equity. But these Sharks are attracted to big numbers... see how it all turns out!

Red Dress Boutique Gets Creative|They want Mark; they want Robert. Can they get both Sharks?|After fielding offers from Mark and Robert, Diana and Josh Harbour from Red Dress Boutique aren't sure what to do. So they get creative. From Shark Tank's season 6 episode, "Week 4."

Jimmy Kimmel

But no budding entrepreneur should be more thankful than Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo, who managed to secure a lot of money for not a lot of idea. That is, unless you're one of the other people who are troubled by pants-less horses -- in which case, this deal made your day. (Does Donald Duck give you nightmares? Just curious.) Spend it well, gentlemen!