season 2

A group of single parents leans on each other to help raise their kids while maintaining some semblance of personal lives.

S2 E22 - No. Wait. What? Hold On.
Angie struggles to recall the events of a wine-filled night of packing with Will.
05.14.2020 | 21m
S2 E21 - A Night of Delicate Frenching
Rory and the twins come up with a plan.
05.07.2020 | 21m
S2 E20 - Look, This is Obviously a Sexy Situation
Angie might have feelings for Derek again.
05.07.2020 | 21m
S2 E19 - A Night in Camarillo
Angie's new boyfriend, Colin, has a secret she won't want to hear.
04.23.2020 | 21m
S2 E18 - Oh Dip, She's Having a Baby
The gang each tell their own birth stories as Sharon goes into labor.
04.16.2020 | 21m
S2 E17 - Untz, Untz, Untz
Angie uses Sophie to get time with her crush, Colin.
02.27.2020 | 21m
S2 E16 - Hip$ for Dolores
The gang chips in to solve Poppy's financial problem.
02.20.2020 | 21m
S2 E15 - Chez Second Grade
Douglas is nervous as Big Red returns.
02.13.2020 | 21m
S2 E14 - Yarn and Pebbles
Poppy and Miggy try to help Will with a dating situation.
01.30.2020 | 21m
S2 E13 - Chunkies
Sophie overhears some big news.
01.23.2020 | 21m
S2 E12 - Welcome to Hilltop!
Poppy goes on an adventure with Angie.
01.16.2020 | 21m
S2 E11 - The Angie-Man
Will and Angie pretend to be a couple.
01.09.2020 | 21m
S2 E10 - Good Holidays to You
Angie tries to grant Graham's Christmas wishes.
12.12.2019 | 21m
S2 E9 - A Place Where Men Can Be Men
It's time for Graham to hear "the talk."
12.05.2019 | 21m
S2 E8 - Every Thursday Should Be Like This
The gang gathers at Douglas's house for Thanksgiving.
11.21.2019 | 21m
S2 E7 - Xander and Camille
Angie's one night stand gets complicated.
11.07.2019 | 21m
S2 E6 - Welcome to Hell, Sickos!
Will struggles to see both Sophie and his girlfriend on Halloween.
10.31.2019 | 21m
S2 E5 - Sport
Will coaches Sophie's soccer team.
10.24.2019 | 21m
S2 E4 - Big Widow Wives
Poppy learns Douglas is lying to her.
10.17.2019 | 21m
S2 E3 - Derek Sucks
Angie's ex-boyfriend suddenly appears.
10.10.2019 | 21m
S2 E2 - Graham Fought the Bones and the Bones Won
Miggy gets a job at Angie's law firm.
10.03.2019 | 22m
S2 E1 - Summer of Freedom
Angie obsesses over writing an email.
09.26.2019 | 21m