Celebrate International Women's Day with Single Parents

Celebrate International Women's Day with Single Parents

On International Women's Day, we're excited to pay tribute to the strong women of Single Parents—mothers and kids alike. They're obviously hilarious, but we love them for a lot of other reasons too. What are these  Read on to find out what makes them so great! 

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1. They always lend a hand. 
Miggy doesn't always have it all together. But lucky for him, he's got Poppy in his life to help him figure things out:

Poppy helps Miggy with his job search

2. They're inclusive.
Just because Angie and Poppy call it Girls' Night doesn't mean they don't want any guys around. When their friend Will needs someone to talk to about his ex-wife, they invite him right over to spill the tea:

Will joins Girls' Night to vent about his ex-wife 

3. They see through our BS. 
might be a kid, but they doesn't mean you can put one over on her. Douglas and her dad Will try to convince her she's going to be honored at a fake banquet that Will has invented to (somehow) cover the fact that he's been dating Sophie's pediatrician, Dr. Dewan (guest star Hannah Simone). Sophie is suspicious, and gets them ALL to crack:

Sophie busts all of the adults on all of their lies

4. They also don't take any BS.
and Emma might be 7 years old, but they're not above a junkyard brawl when things get tense between them. We obviously don't condone violence as a solution to a disagreement; we're just saying...we wouldn't mess with either of these ladies if we were you:

Amy and Emmy scrap to settle their argument

5. They'll always do what needs to be done. 
When Will decides he's going to give it another go with his ex-wife (who's not well liked among the group), Angie decides it's time for some tough love—and she kicks Will out of the group:

Angie kicks Will out of the group

And, of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't also mention the two talented co-creators and executive producers of the show, Elizabeth Meriwether and JJ Philbin. Without them, we wouldn't have all these other wonderful ladies to make us laugh.

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