Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME Episode 7 Recap

Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME Episode 7 Recap

On Episode 7 of Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME, a new batch of aspiring inventors hoping to win over a live studio audience to fund their ideas, products or companies include: a shirt wth a large pocket for carrying oversized items; a necktie that holds bottles and cans; a ring that goes over the tongue to improve speech; a teething mitt; a microwaveable popcorn bowl; and a device that makes buttering corn easy. Hosted by Steve Harvey, in each episode of Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME, the inventors will go head to head, pitching their products to the studio audience. The studio audience will represent the "customer," and since the customer is always right, they will be voting to determine the winner. 

Here are the highlights from this week's episode:

The Giant Pocket Shirt vs. The Bev Tie

The Giant Pocket Shirt is a shirt with a large pocket on the front to carry anything you need. Inventors: Alex, John and Jake from Tampa, Florida

The Bev Tie is a necktie that holds bottles and cans to keep your hands free. Inventor: Reuben from Waynesville, North Carolina

CASHED OUT: The Giant Pocket Shirt - $3,500

FUNDED: The Bev Tie - $10,000

The Speech Ring vs. The Yummy Mitt

The Speech Ring is a ring that goes over your tongue to improve your speech. Inventor: Lauren from Los Angeles, California

The Yummy Mitt is a teething mitt with a Velcro closure to stay attached to a baby's hand. Inventor: Tara from Brooklyn, New York

CASHED OUT: The Speech Ring - $5,000

FUNDED: The Yummy Mitt - $20,000

The Popcorn Ball vs. Butter Boss

The Popcorn Ball is a BPA free, microwavable popcorn bowl that you can eat right out of after popping. Inventor: Mike from East Jordan, Michigan

Butter Boss is an easy-to-use, lip-balm shaped device to make buttering your corn easy and fun. Inventor: Geraint from Chicago, Illinois

CASHED OUT: Butter Boss - $5,000

FUNDED: The Popcorn Ball - $20,000

Before revealing the results of the crowd's majority vote, Steve Harvey will present the inventors with a major dilemma. One of the inventors is allowed to cash out and walk away for a lesser amount.

Who walks away with the cash to fund their product — and who goes home empty-handed? Don't miss Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME SUNDAYS 9|8c. Exclusives

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