Elizabeth "Liz"
Elizabeth "Liz"

Contestant Biography

Age: 29

Occupation: Doula

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Height: 5'4"

Tattoos: Yes – a fish, flower, arrow, tree, another tree, a saying, a star, another saying. They are on my sides, left foot, left wrist, right finger and back.

All-time favorite movies: Man on Fire, Bridesmaids, Brokedown Palace

What are five things you can't live without? Coconut oil, floss, music, fresh air and my Bible

What is your greatest achievement to date? Helping my sister birth my niece, Grace. I got to be her doula and cut her umbilical cord.

If I never had to ______, I would be very happy. Kill someone

What's the most embarrassing thing you listen to? I am not embarrassed of anything I listen to and I openly am a Belieber.

What's your guiltiest pleasure of any kind? Picking my nose while driving. I can't help it and for some reason it's always in my car.

What is your least favorite sport, why? Golf – it's boring and angers me.

If you could be any fruit or vegetable, which one would you be? A grape so I would get better with age.