Contestant Biography

Age: 29

Occupation: Real Estate Exec. Assistant

Hometown: South Portland, ME

Height: 5'6"

Tattoos: Yes, I have simple wave lines on the side of my palms on both hands.

Which non-U.S. city is the most romantic to you, and why? Take this girl to France! It's where all the love stories seem to be based in the fairytales I heard as a little girl.

What's your biggest date fear? Dead silence.

Do you prefer hot weather or cold weather and why? My ideal weather would be mid-70's sunny, with a slight breeze. Life is less complicated when neutral. Happy medium.

What is your guiltiest pleasure of any kind? Sweet tooth!  

What competitive sports did you play? I played soccer and field hockey in grade school.

I hate it when my date… displays over-the-top PDA. Let me breathe!