Professional Clothier
Des Moines, IA

Bachelorette Biography

Kelsey was born and raised in Iowa with her fraternal twin sister and younger sister. She enjoys exercising, cooking, traveling and competed at Miss USA after being crowned Miss Iowa in 2017. Coming from the pageant world, Kelsey is an old pro at competing with other women, but don't get it twisted, she's not looking for drama. Kelsey has had her share of relationship issues in the past, but thanks to frequent Pilates classes, she's in peak physical and spiritual form! She's hoping to find a partner to travel the world, experience new cultures and enjoy a good glass of red wine with. At 28, she has presumably lived more life than many of the other girls and knows what she wants: Peter Weber.

- Kelsey says she is like an onion; she has many layers.
- If you want to give Kelsey a gift, don't get her flowers. Get her chocolate!
- Kelsey described her personality as feisty and stubborn.