Social Worker
Newport Beach, California

Bachelorette Biography

Casandra always told herself she would finish college and then settle down. Now that she has her master's degree in social work, it's time to find LOVE! Casandra says coming on "The Bachelor" is the biggest risk she's ever taken for love, but she believes she and Matt have a lot in common. As a partner, she is loyal, compassionate and caring. She is ready to find a man who she has a genuine connection with, and while she is a city girl at heart, she says she is truly at her best stargazing and eating s'mores in her sweatpants with no makeup on. She is confident, laid-back and says that guys like the fact that they can take her anywhere and don't have to worry about entertaining her. She has found it hard to find the one, but she says Matt is definitely her type and she is willing to take a chance if it means finding forever love.

- Casandra is scared of the dark.
- Casandra hates it when people eat food off her plate.
- Sunflowers make Casandra very happy.