Marketing Manager
Pomfret, Connecticut

Bachelorette Biography

Happy with her life in Connecticut, Corrinne is ready to find someone that would be a great addition to her already-wonderful world. Corrinne comes from a big, loving family and does marketing for the family business—a high-end Italian restaurant! She strives to surround herself with positivity and says that she is at her very happiest sitting at the beach with the sun shining down on her face. Corrinne is looking for a man who will prioritize settling down over having a busy nightlife and partying. She wants someone who is serious about creating a life with her and who will match her unwavering loyalty. Her dream man will support her in both her personal and professional endeavors, and will let her do the same for him saying that she "always wants to water him so that he is constantly growing as a human, son, friend, etc." Corrinne wants someone who is loyal through the ups and downs, and promises that as a wife, her partner will never have to question that she is always on their team.

- Corrinne loves Disney World and has been there more times than she can count.
- Corrinne once snuck into an abandoned insane asylum in the middle of the night.
- Before Corrinne has kids, she wants to experience life living in New York City.