Health Food Developer
New York, New York

Bachelorette Biography

Illeana is a perfect mix of beauty and brains. She is an entrepreneur who recently co-developed her own nutritional snack called "Funky Munky Energy" and has big dreams of making a name for herself in the health food world. After ending her last relationship of four and a half years and living her best life in Manhattan, Illeana says she is ready to settle down and find her missing puzzle piece. She has done the work to know exactly what she wants out of her partner and says that first and foremost, she needs someone whose values align with hers. Illeana is the type of woman who would rather cuddle up on the couch with a glass of wine and spend quality time together pondering life's unsolvable mysteries than hit the town and go barhopping. She is looking to find her best friend and to create the kind of love that makes you glow from the inside out. She says she loves love more than anything and knows she's found it when she and her man feel invincible to the world.

- Illeana has an orange tabby cat named Sir Theo who goes to the bathroom in the toilet and wears a bowtie … he's very sophisticated.
- Growing up, Illeana was on a synchronized ice-skating team.
- Illeana has a major weakness for snacking.