Hair Stylist
Hudson, Ohio

Bachelorette Biography

MJ is a beauty expert who sees the beauty of life in all that she does. MJ grew up on a small island in Lake Erie where she loved being outdoors and on the water. She is passionate about making people feel better about themselves and says that her calling in life is to make the world a more beautiful place. MJ wants a man who will be just as giving as she is and will shower her with the reciprocated love she deserves. She dreams of settling down with someone reliable, decisive and family oriented, and says that she needs a man who will be as fiercely loyal to her as she is to them. MJ is very social and wants to find a man who will let her maintain her independence and won't add unnecessary drama to her life. She loves a man with a plan but has no interest in someone with an inflated ego or unrealistic expectations. She also cannot deal with someone who is never on time. MJ is charming and memorable and once she enters "The Bachelor" bubble, we don't think Matt will have any trouble keeping her on his mind.

- MJ loves disco music and says it's her favorite music to dance to.
- MJ says the best trip of her life was camping in the Sahara desert.
- MJ enjoys a good spicy margarita.