Graduate Student
Happy Valley, Oregon

Bachelorette Biography

Don't discount Pieper as just a pretty face because there is way more to this stunner than meets the eye. She's truly the total package! Pieper has a dynamite personality, a creative mind, a master's degree in marketing and a wonderful family who has supported all her endeavors. The only thing missing for Pieper? A man to enjoy life by her side! Pieper is caring, giving, and loves to learn what brings her partner joy so she can foster that happiness. She loves to spend quality time with her significant other, but also very much values independence and having parts of her life that remain her own. Pieper needs someone with confidence and someone who knows what they want in life because forethought is so important to her. It's easy to see what makes Pieper a total catch and we think Matt will have no problem seeing it too.

- Pieper is very into European cars and dreams of owning a Rolls Royce one day.
- Pieper loves her grandma the most in this world and calls her Gram-cracker.
- Pieper is not into picnics because the idea of sitting on the ground and eating is not appealing to her.