Nursing Student
Burbank, California

Bachelorette Biography

Becca is incredible. She is a nursing student who has always put others before herself and dedicates her life to helping people. She comes from a close-knit Mexican American family and was raised by her mom, who she says is the person she loves most in this world. When it comes to what she wants in a partner, Becca is looking for someone she has a natural chemistry with who isn't afraid to be goofy sometimes. She is hoping to meet a man who is as loyal, honest and supportive as she is. Becca is here to find her perfect match and hopefully return home with Zach by her side.

Fun Facts:
• Being outdoors relaxes Becca.
• Becca is a sucker for forbidden romance novels.
• Becca wore a lot of beanies in high school and gave off a skater-girl vibe.