Hospitality Manager
Los Angeles, CA

Bachelorette Biography

Kimberly is not here to mess around! She was in a serious relationship that lasted six years, but she was ready for her forever, and her ex was not. Kimberly has been single for the past few years and doesn't want just to date around. She is waiting for her perfect man. The Puerto Rican beauty's ideal date night would include watching the sunset at the beach with a picnic dinner. Zach, save that idea for later! Kimberly is ready to find her husband and start a family of her own. She is excited about the chance to fall in love again and can't wait for her "Bachelor" journey to begin!

Fun Facts:
• Kimberly loves to drink wine in her PJs.
• Kimberly can't wait to be a mom one day.
• Kimberly's favorite music is old-school hip-hop.