Postpartum Nurse
Charlotte, North Carolina

Bachelorette Biography

Kylee may best be known as an NBA dancer, but this girl has way more going on than just her killer dance moves and beautiful smile! Outside of her love of dancing, Kylee is a registered nurse who works in a postpartum unit. She is passionate about helping new mothers and can't wait to have a baby of her own ASAP. She may only be 25, but Kylee is ready for the soccer mom life, so hopefully, Zach is on the same page! Kylee admits that she falls in love hard and fast, so time will tell if this hopeless romantic will be able to find her soul mate in Zach.

Fun Facts:
• You will never see Kylee with frizzy hair—Olaplex oil for life!
• Kylee likes her popcorn smothered in butter and mixed with M&Ms.
• Kylee's celebrity crush is Jimmy Garoppolo.