Top Five Deleted Scenes

Top Five Deleted Scenes

1.  The most popular deleted scene was shot in Seoul, South Korea. Chris Harrison took Juan Pablo through his first deliberation of the season. Juan Pablo walks Chris through his dates and can't keep a straight face when talking about the girls he likes.

2.  The second most popular deleted scene was shot in Miami right before the hometown dates.  Renee talks to Juan Pablo about who he would meet if he chose to go to her hometown.

3.  During their first night of the show, Victoria opens up pretty quickly to Juan Pablo by discussing her first marriage.

4.  When Juan Pablo came over to surprise the bachelorettes with breakfast, he wanted to see how the girls looked when they're not dressed up.  He also tells them to get ready fast but many of the bachelorettes still took their time to get ready

5.  Kelly brought her dog Molly on the first night of the show.  Many of the other bachelorettes were jealous of both the attention Kelly received but were also bitter they weren't able to bring their dogs.


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