Epic Fails of the Season

Epic Fails of the Season

We’ve all had bad dates, but they don’t typically play out on national television. For the most part, Juan Pablo had a fine time during his journey with his bouquet of beauties. Of course, it can’t always be rainbows, unicorns and, well, roses when you’re dating a couple dozen women at once. Let’s take a look at some of the personal disasters Juan Pablo and a few of the ladies went through during the season.

I’ll Stop the World and Meltdown With You: At an evening after-party, Bachelorette Victoria steals the spotlight. She denies being tipsy when confronted by her counterparts. Victoria just wants to straddle Juan Pablo whenever possible. She says, “That’s what life is about… straddling people and things.” Words to live by. Victoria has a bit of a meltdown over not getting one-on-one time and totally derails the night.

Victoria Goes Overboard|One bachelorette parties too hard.|Victoria has a lot of fun on the group date -- until she stops having fun on the group date.


Meet the Parents: The Bachelor travels to Sacramento, California where Clare shares heartbreaking memories of her late father. Everything goes smoothly with the family until one sister, Laura, doesn’t think that Clare is in a place where the relationship can work. She doesn’t want her mother to be manipulated into saying something she’ll regret. Her actions get Clare fuming mad.

Clare's Family Drama|Will they give their blessing?|While talking to her mom, Clare runs into some trouble with her sister, who says they might not give her relationship with Juan Pablo their blessing.


Making Waves: Okay, it may seem like we're picking on Clare, but she did provide a fair amount of drama during the season. Juan Pablo skips away with her for a romantic dip in the pool. She gets a rose at the end of a group date. Clare wants more though. She lures Juan Pablo out for a late night swim in the ocean. The Bachelor wonders if he made a mistake doing this with Clare. Their chat has her reduced to tears when she feels like she disrespected his daughter. Observe:


From Fantasy to Nightmare: Andi lets an unsuspecting Juan Pablo know how she felt after their night in the fantasy suite. She’s not in love with him. Juan Pablo is okay with that. That actually upsets Andi even more. She believes his casual attitude about this means that he doesn’t have any feelings for her at all. Things get real combative real fast. Bottom line: It’s NOT OK!

Andi and Juan Pablo Have It Out|It's not OK.|Andi confronts Juan Pablo about their night in the Fantasy Suite, and why she's angry at him and considering going home.


Breaking Up is Hard to Do: It came down two Clare vs. Nikki in the battle for Juan Pablo’s heart. Someone was going home with a rose while someone else was just going home. That would be Clare, who put her heart out there only to have it broken. Some relationships end amicably with a hug. Then again, some end like this:

Will Juan Pablo Pick Clare?|It's crunch time for Juan Pablo.|Juan Pablo meets up with Clare after making his decision on the season finale of The Bachelor. Will she be his new wife?


 What were your favorite fails of the season? Let us know in the comments below!

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