Britt, Eliminated: Her Journey on The Bachelor

Britt, Eliminated: Her Journey on The Bachelor

Britt was the first woman out of the first limo on Arrivals Night. She gave Chris a long (almost awkwardly so) hug, and the 2015 season of The Bachelor was off and running, with Britt as it's early frontrunner. Unfortunately, that connection didn't survive the rigors of some of the most emotionally challenging weeks of their lives, and after a pair of heated conversations in Iowa, Chris sent Britt home before the Hometown Dates.

So how did the early frontrunner -- who stayed that way pretty much the entire time until Chris sent her home -- end up on her way home before Hometowns? Let's take a walk back through her time on the show.

Meeting Britt: The season premiere featured a short introduction to a spunky waitress from Hollywood who loved giving out free hugs. (Something tells us she didn't hear "no" much on the hugs.) Here's Britt's intro:

Meet the Bachelorette: Britt|This gal gives out free hugs in L.A. -- will Chris hug it out with her?|Britt is ready for love and makes sure of how she feels about a guy before there's even a chance of things getting physical. She also gives out free hugs in L.A. -- will Chris Soules be receiving her hugs going forward? See more of Britt's story in this clip from The Bachelor's 2015 season premiere.

Their early connection earned Britt the First Impression Rose on the first night, and though both of them seemed content to take it slow, they shared a rare Arrivals Night kiss, and it was a good one:

Britt Gets the First Impression Rose|She and Chris also share their first kiss, and it's a good one.|Bachelorette Britt makes an early connection with Chris Soules, and gets rewarded with the First Impression rose. They also share a good first kiss that leaves them both reeling. From The Bachelor's 2015 season premiere.

Early Romance, Early Struggles: Though Britt didn't get a 1-on-1 date until Week 5, the two of them always found time to be together, and weren't afraid to kiss, sometimes quite a lot, even if the other women were around to see (often to the other ladies' disapproval). But it soon became clear that despite the attention Britt received, her budding relationship with Chris still held plenty of tension and uncertainty:

Britt Puts Chris on the Spot|She wants answers regarding the "inappropriate behavior" she's heard about.|Britt confronts Chris about the "validation" of behavior like taking your clothes off and excessive talk about sex on dates. She says it's making a lot of the girls uncomfortable and Chris takes it as an affront to his integrity, and gathers the group together so he can tell them how he feels about all this. From Week 4 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.

And as we often find on all of the shows in The Bachelor Franchise, off-camera comments can sometimes make their way through the ranks, inciting suspicion and ill will among the contestants. Britt was not immune as the girls discussed her willingness to settle down with Chris in Arlington, Iowa:

Is Britt Lying to Chris?|The girls say Britt has said she doesn't want to have kids.|Ashley I. says that Britt has said she doesn't want to have kids and loves being single. But on her 1-on-1 date, she tells Chris she wants to have "a hundred" kids. Someone's not telling the truth. From Week 5 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.

Was Britt telling the truth? Or were the girls creating nasty rumors? We may never know.

A Tale of Two Dates: In Deadwood, South Dakota, Britt was part of the group date -- just one of many girls, right? Well, Britt drew some early jealousy by very conspicuously smooching with Chris while all the girls were trying to write him country songs with the help of country music stars Big & Rich. (Not exactly inspiring.) Later that night, Chris grabbed Britt and literally ran away from the group date, taking Britt onstage at a Big & Rich concert. Chris gave her the group date rose, and their return to the group date was about as awkward as it gets.

But on the next group date in Iowa, with the pressure of Hometown Dates looming, Kaitlyn got the group rose, and Britt was not pleased:

The Britt Blow-Up, Part 1|She puts Chris in a tough spot after he gives the rose to Kaitlyn.|After Chris gives the group date rose to Kaitlyn in Iowa, assuring her of a hometown date, Britt blows up at Chris in front of Kaitlyn and Carly, miffed that she didn't get a rose. Does Chris want her to leave? Does she want to leave? Find out in this scene from Week 7 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.

Add that outburst to the fact that Carly had recently told Chris that Britt was lying about seeing herself in Arlington, and their relationship was very much in jeopardy.

The End: After that night, Britt had decided to leave. She told the other ladies that she'd packed her bags, but still wanted to attend the Rose Ceremony to talk to Chris. The women believed that she just wanted to 1) make Chris beg her to stay, while 2) giving herself an out to avoid rejection, allowing her to be the one to leave. As it turned out, neither happened:

...and Britt left the show in tears. We'll likely see her again at the Women Tell All episode, where we'll hopefully get the lowdown on who Britt really is and what Britt really wanted. But her journey to find love with Chris has come to a close.