Kaitlyn, Eliminated: Her Journey on The Bachelor

Kaitlyn, Eliminated: Her Journey on The Bachelor

No matter how you feel about Kaitlyn, here's one thing you can't deny: She sure knows how to make a first impression that sticks. When she hopped out of the limo during the 2015 season premiere, there wasn't much chance Chris would soon forget her -- the only question was, Would it be in a good way, or a "yikes" way:

Arguably this season of The Bachelor's most hilarious bachelorette, we got to see a lot of cutaways to her reactions and commmentary on just about everything that happened this season, whether it was Ashley S's crazy behavior or the revelation that there are multiple virgins in the house.

But she wasn't just there for the laughs, and Chris was clearly into her right off the bat, giving her a 1-on-1 date in Week 3. And he was even more into her once they pair found out that guest host Jimmy Kimmel sent them to Costco for their big date, because Chris loved that she managed to roll with the crazy date and make it fun:

Her positivity, as well as her ability to be nonchalant about Chris potentially sleeping with everyone who makes it to the Fantasy Suite, won Jimmy over:

In addtion to that 1-on-1 date that went really well, Kaitlyn managed to snag not one, not two, but three (!) group date roses in the first seven weeks, which is a pretty astounding average. It seemed like Chris was really into Kaitlyn, but she admitted that she had her guard up for fear of getting hurt. But with Hometown Dates on the line, Kaitlyn bared her feelings to Chris in an adorable moment that melted our fair Bachelor and resulted in the third of her group date roses:

(Coincidentally, this was also the rose that sent Britt over the edge and into the tirade that possibly doomed her chances with Chris.)

Kaitlyn's hometown date went well -- well enough to propel Kaitlyn into the Overnight Dates in Bali. She spent the night with Chris in the Fantasy Suite (no word on whether or not she wore the outfit her mom offered up for the occasion), and she felt like she really opened up to Chris, and she finally said the word "love."

But Chris can only pick one woman, and so he must make incredibly tough decisions along the way -- this week, his tough decision was to send Kaitlyn home without a rose. The most heartbreaking part of the breakup conversation? The normally cheerful and chatty Kaitlyn could barely speak:

Devastating. In her exit interview after the Rose Ceremony, Kaitlyn tearfully remarked that the reason she had ever put her guard up in the first place was so that she could avoid feeling the way she felt there in the limo. And so a cruel twist marks the end of Kaitlyn's journey to find love with Chris.

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