Bachelor Spoilers and Highlights: The 2015 Season Premiere

Bachelor Spoilers and Highlights: The 2015 Season Premiere

Fans of love, drama and The Right Reasons™ have every reason to be in a good mood today: The 2015 season of The Bachelor has begun! The Season 19 premiere saw new Bachelor Chris Soules greet the 30 beautiful bachelorettes at the mansion for night that had plenty to keep us entertained -- high comedy, the early sparks of love, and clearly enough booze to go around. Let’s break down the highlights. (Obviously, spoilers ensue.)

The Red Carpet: Before the premiere began, Chris Harrison hosted a live event featuring past contestants and couples from The Bachelor Franchise. The highlight interview was definitely Nikki from Juan Pablo’s season. Last time we saw her, she and Juan Pablo were on the After the Final Rose episode of their season with Chris Harrison, “cordially debating” the merits of saying I Love You on national TV. She and JP have since broken up, and here’s what she had to say about it:

The Arrivals: After 15 ladies showed up, host Chris Harrison let Chris loose in the house with that group of bachelorettes, fueling speculation through the house that maybe no more women would be arriving, and the 15 of them would have all season to pet Chris’s hair and mistake him for a cattle rancher. But it wasn’t to be, as more limos arrived carrying 15 more girls to make crazy entrances. (Vote on some of the more outlandish arrivals in our Bachelor arrivals poll.) Kaitlyn’s bold intro definitely made us do a spit-take:

Cocktail Panic: Very quickly though, Chris had to start getting to know these ladies -- which means that 30 gorgeous women were scrambling to spend time with him. (Poor Chris.) With time at a premium, the bachelorettes had to get creative. Ashley S. in particular resorted to some questionable tactics to get time with Chris. Not questionable as in “sketchy and possibly mean,” but questionable like, “Are you from here? Like, Earth?”

First Impression Rose: Chris, of course, had one rose to hand out to the woman who made the biggest impression on him, thus sparing her the agony of sweating out the Rose Ceremony. That lucky lady was the touchy-feely Britt, whose long, lingering hug with Chris upon exiting the limo must have stayed with him. When Chris Harrison asked the live studio audience what they thought of Britt, pretty much every last person said either “genuine” or “adorable,” or both. Which, thus far, seems pretty fair:

The Rose Ceremony: With 30 bachelorettes and 22 roses, Chris had some decisions to make. One of the more glaring decisions was what to do with Tara. She made a charming, down-to-earth entrance, but as the night went on she got a a few too many drinks deep and could barely remain standing for the Rose Ceremony:

The Aftermath: Chris ended up keeping Tara around, but 8 other girls were left roseless, which of course is the worst way to be on this show. So that’s it, right? No rose, you pack your bags? Well, Kimberly, who did not receive a rose, had other plans. After an exit interview with the producers, she made a beeline back to the house to confront Chris:

So what will happen to poor Kim? Tune in MONDAY 8|7c to find out!