Bachelor Spoilers & Highlights: Week 5

Bachelor Spoilers & Highlights: Week 5

Being outdoors is a big part of Bachelor Chris Soules's life, so taking The Bachelor to Santa Fe, NM, was the perfect opportunity for him to see how the 11 remaining ladies would fare out in the elements. Some of them thrived, some of them took a dive, and some of them barely survived. It is said, however, that all of them really hated awkwardly forced rhyme schemes. On with the clips!

Moving Too Fast: Carly gets the first 1-on-1 date, and she's excited -- until they get to the part where she's stripping Chris naked in front of a stranger. Perhaps a first date is too soon to visit a sex guru? You decide:

Chris and Carly Visit a Sex Guru|It's pretty awkward for a first date.|Chris and Carly's 1-on-1 date in New Mexico includes a trip to a sex guru, which they both find to be a fairly uncomfortable experience given the fact that this is their first date. But they still manage to have some sweet moments between the two of them. From Week 5 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.


Plus One: During the group date, as Chris is heading out to meet the ladies for the cocktail party, Jordan -- who was eliminated in Week 2 -- shows up at the hotel. The girls aren't exactly thrilled:

Jordan's Suprise Return|After being eliminated in Week 2, she shows up on a group date.|After being eliminated in Week 2, Jordan shows up on a group date, pleading with Chris to be let back into the group so she could properly show him who she is. The other ladies' reactions range from shock to displeasure as Chris ponders his move. From Week 5 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.


It's a Baby Problem: After talking to all the girls, Chris decided to send Jordan home, but he's probably not close to that decision with Britt. But is Britt here for The Right Reasons™? A discussion with the ladies while Britt's off on her 1-on-1 with Chris casts some doubt on this answer:

Kelsey Loves Her Story: Kelsey sneaks away from the ladies and grabs Chris for some alone time, during which she tells him her story -- that she somewhat recently became a widow. Kelsey is now convinced that's she's the one for Chris, and that this is her love story. Of her tragic tale, she says, "I love my story." Take that as you will:

The Rose Ceremony, Postponed: Kelsey gets very emotional when she's not sure she'll be getting a rose this week. Moments later, she's sprawled out on the floor, being seen to by a medic. Watch the cliffhanger here:

So there was no Rose Ceremony this week, and we're left in limbo, waiting to see what Chris had decided. Tune in MONDAY 8|7c to see how it turns out!