Bachelor Spoilers & Highlights: The Women Tell All

Bachelor Spoilers & Highlights: The Women Tell All

TheWomen Tell All episode of The Bachelor got emotional really fast and pretty much stayed there for the entire episode, adding up to one of the most heated, tear-filled, and entertaining WTAs we've ever seen. So let's just get right into it!

One of the biggest rivalries of the season was definitely Britt and Carly, though Britt wasn't really aware of their rivalry on the show. they clashed a few times last night, and while Britt was in the hot seat, Jillian even stepped up to defend her against Carly:

One of the biggest battles of the season was whether Britt was being honest with Chris Soules during her time on the show. Chris Harrison let Britt tell her side of the story. Is this genuine? You be the judge:

Kelsey was a lightning rod for criticism and skepticism regarding her truthfulness this season as well. She had a chance to defend her behavior as well, but that didn't stop most of the women in the house from piling on. Kelsey's late husband was a touchy subject of discussion, based on what some perceived as Kelsey's callous attitude toward him -- and Ashley I. even alluded to the possibility that he never existed:

The other Ashley -- Ashley S. -- was an anticipated guest as well. Would she be able to explain her rather perplexing behavior from the past season? Ashley's interview in the hot seat seemed to bring up more questions than it answered, but Chris Harrison invited her to be part of the next Bachelor in Paradise cast, so maybe we'll get those answers yet.

But as always, the real catharsis of the Women Tell All episode comes when they bring out the bachelor and let the ladies he's dumped along the way ask him why to get some closure. Often these encounters are incredibly tense, angry affairs, but this time around, there were more tears and confusion rather than rage-fueled tirades. First up, Kaitlyn, who was sent home after a night in the Fantasy Suite:

See? Everyone was pretty thoughtful and composed considering the circumstances. Next came Jade, who was sent home after what she thought was a really great Hometown Date. But Chris apparently found it a bit "disturbing":

That one was hard to watch... lots of tears there.

So whether or not these women got the closure they were looking for is hard to say. But here's hoping that either way, they can move on and find what they're looking for. 

Well, that's it, but we don't want leave you on a down note. So here are your Bachelor Bloopers for 2015:

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