The Bachelor 2017 Recap: Nick Chooses Final 2 and the Women Tell All

The Bachelor 2017 Recap: Nick Chooses Final 2 and the Women Tell All

This week on The Bachelor 2017 Fantasy Suite dates continued as Nick Viall and the three remaining bachelorettes turned up the heat in Finland. By the end of Episode 10, Nick was down to the final two. After the elimination, Nick was put in the hot seat when all of the contestants got to speak their piece in "The Bachelor Women Tell All" special. As expected, tensions haven't cooled off between Corinne and Taylor, Liz is dealing with the repercussions of appearing on the show after meeting Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding and many of the women still feel hurt by how things ended in their relationships with Nick. Our new BacheloretteRachel, was also on hand to give fans a preview of her love journey to come and talk about the qualities she's looking for in a partner. Let's dive into The Bachelor 2017 recap and spoilers for Season 21, Episode 10 and "The Women Tell All."

Raven Leaves the Fantasy Suite "Satisfied": After revealing to Nick that she's never had an orgasmRaven's romantic night in the fantasy suite appears to have a dream-come-true ending. "I will say this, Nick is really good at what he does," she says. The beauty is so "satisfied" after spending the evening with Nick she feels like dancing through the streets.

Vanessa Asks Nick Some Tough Questions: Vanessa puts Nick in the hot seat about obstacles they need to overcome if they want to be together, which include moving. However, Nick's answers might not be what Vanessa was hoping to hear. Nick can't see himself moving to Vanessa's home of Canada. This might be a dealbreaker as the pair moves forward.

Rachel's Bachelor Journey Ends: In the last rose ceremony before the finale, a tearful Nick says goodbye to Rachel, leaving her confused and defeated. "It's hard to hear how great you are and how much love somebody has for you, but then they still don't choose you," she says. As sad as the departure is, it is made better by knowing good things are on the way for Season 13's Bachelorette.

Taylor vs. Corinne Nap Edition: The claws came out in full force as Taylor and Corinne's fight showed up at "The Women Tell All." This time "emotional intelligence" is off the table and the hot-button topic is Corinne's napping frequency and everyone is fired up about it. 

Taylor Apologizes to Corinne: Taylor takes a small step in burying the hatchet with Corinne by apologizing for saying she wasn't the kind of person the mental health counselor could be friends with. 

Kristina and Danielle L. Want Answers: Kristina and Danielle L. are still confused about each of their goodbyes with Nick. Kristina is hurt by not being able to introduce Nick to her family while Danielle is wondering when her connection with Nick stopped growing. The women try to get closure by asking Nick to clarify his feelings about sending them home.

Rachel Prepares for Her Bachelorette Duties: Rachel shares her excitement over being the next Bachelorette. "It's surreal to me!" What kind of man is the lawyer looking for? How does she feel about being the person handing out the roses?

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Sneak Peek of The Bachelor 2017 Finale: Nick faces life-changing decisions as his journey to find love nears its end. Two women remain; Vanessa and Raven. Will he propose to the bachelorette of his dreams or will he end up heartbroken once again? 

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Who is left on The Bachelor?
Raven, 25, fashion boutique owner, Hoxie, AR
Vanessa, 29, special education teacher, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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