The Bachelor 2017 Recap: Corinne Whips Up Some Trouble in Episode 3

The Bachelor 2017 Recap: Corinne Whips Up Some Trouble in Episode 3

Nick Viall's The Bachelor 2017 journey is in full swing! Episode 3 started off with a tense talk between Nick and the bachelorettes, but then quickly moved into the fun zone with a visit from the Backstreet Boys, a track and field themed date featuring Olympic athletes, zero gravity flights and whipped cream. AND that was all before a bouncy castle had made an appearance! With Liz gone, Corinne was ready to take center stage when it came to getting Nick's full attention and she certainly wasn't afraid to put it ALL out there. Nick was taking the bait more often than not, much to the dismay of the remaining contestants. Here's your recap of the hot happenings from The Bachelor Season 21, Episode 3.

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Corinne Whips Up Trouble: After Nick drops the Liz bomb on the ladies and comes clean about their tryst, he is worried some of them will leave. Corinne seizes the opportunity even though she already has a rose to seduce her man before the night's ceremony. The bachelorettes watch in horror as Corinne, dressed in a trench coat and not much else, gets playful with Nick and a bottle of whipped cream. Nick is worried about things escalating with Corinne a bit too quickly and luckily, other contestants show up just in time to interrupt their fun. Nick is weary things are moving too fast  due to getting in trouble in the past for acting on instant physical chemistry. Corinne views him not wanting to go right to bed with her the ultimate rejection and retreats to cry in her room.

Sleepy Rose Ceremony: Still recovering from the rejection, Corinne decides to sleep through the rose ceremony. When she isn't punished for it, some of the other bachelorettes get annoyed. Nick says goodbye to Elizabeth, Hailey and Lacey.

Backstreet Bachelorettes: After an emotionally exhausting week, the remaining 18 ladies are ready for some remarkable dates. To kick things off, they are floored when The Backstreet Boys visit the mansion, date card in hand. However, only seven women will head off to meet Nick for this fantastic date. A long day of rehearsing their dance moves with Nick and the chart-busting boy band leads to the bachelorettes taking the stage as back-up dancers in front of hundreds of screaming fans. When Danielle L. is selected to be serenaded on stage with the bachelor, the others can only look on, green with envy – especially when the couple shares a passionate kiss. At the after party, Corinne confesses she has a personal nanny back at home who she can barely live without. This makes the other bachelorettes wonder if Nick could ever be compatible with her.

Zero G: Nick and Vanessa take their relationship to new heights as they board a Zero G plane. Unfortunately, the bachelorette's stomach is doing flip-flops – and not the romantic kind. When Vanessa gets sick in front of Nick, he is the ultimate gentleman. He showers her with affection, despite the embarrassing turn of events.

Date and Dash: The Bachelor enlists three of the country's top track and field Olympians – Carl Lewis, a ten-time Olympic gold medalist; Michelle Carter, the "shot diva," who won Olympic gold in the shot put in Rio; and Allyson Felix, the most decorated U.S. woman in Olympic track and field history – to help train seven women in the events that make up the "Nickathalon." Only one woman will win, and when Astrid emerges victorious, she gets coveted alone time with Nick in a hot tub. Dominique gets super in her head regarding Nick and confronts him about their slowly developing connection. Not wanting to lead anybody on Nick confirms his feelings for other women are progressing at much faster speeds and sends her home.

A Bounce In The Wrong Direction: Nick opts for a pool party instead of a cocktail party as episode 3 draws to a close. Corinne is back to her cute tricks surprising him with some one-on-one time in a princess-themed bouncy house. After getting a glimpse of Corinne straddling Nick, Vanessa calls him out on his intentions. Is he here to play around or is he really looking for a solid wife and partner?

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How will Nick respond to the accusation? Will Corinne's antics continue? Don't miss a second of The Bachelor Season 21 and Nick's journey to find his soulmate MONDAY 8|7c on ABC!

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