The Bachelor 2017 Recap: Who Goes Home on Corinne and Taylor's 2-on-1?

The Bachelor 2017 Recap: Who Goes Home on Corinne and Taylor's 2-on-1?

Meooow! Jealousy, resentment and anger dominated Episode 5 of Nick Viall's The Bachelor 2017 journey. This week, Nick took the bachelorettes from Bourbon street to the bayou as he got to know them more in New Orleans. The voodoo charm of Louisiana provided a perfect backdrop for some MAJOR Episode 5 drama. Haunted houses were explored, sparks flew and insults were slung leading up to Nick's game changing decision between Corinne and Taylor on a two-on-one date. Here's your recap and The Bachelor spoilers for Season 21, Episode 5.

Corinne vs. Taylor Part 2: The vicious argument between Corinne and Taylor continues to escalate. Corinne takes the reigns and decides to fill Nick in on what a bully her fellow contestant is. It's hard to read Nick as he sits and listens to Corinne complain about how Taylor is rude and entitled. Corinne doesn't think she is there for the right reasons but can't really articulate why. To both women's dismay, the fight has no impact on the rose ceremony. Nick ends up sending Astrid and Sarah home.

Love at First Beignet: Rachel snags the first one-on-one date of the week in the Big Easy. The two share a day of exploring the city, taking in the sights, tasting beignets and dancing in a Second Line parade. The couple also enjoy a concert by Lolo, who provides the musical backdrop for their enchanted rendezvous. Rachel tells Nick about her past over an intimate dinner and admits she finds it difficult to be vulnerable. The Bachelor voices how nervous he is to meet any of the contestant's fathers since he has publicly met and asked for permission to marry two bachelorettes and it hasn't worked out too well. Rachel confesses he has every reason to worry,"her daddy," Sam, is an intimidating federal judge in Dallas,

Haunted House on The BachelorA fright night delight brings Nick and ten women together for an evening of thrills at the majestic Houmas House, which supposedly is haunted by a resident ghost, "May," who comes out to play. After asking the Ouiji board hard-hitting questions like, "Will Nick engaged soon," it was time to see who could swallow their fears to capture the group date rose. The honor is bestowed on Danielle M.

Making America Corinne Again: Next up is the much anticipated two-on-one date, and the two ladies involved couldn't be any more at odds with one another. The hostility is palpable as Corinne and Taylor meet up with Nick in the magical bayou. The trio walk through the swampland and stumble upon a group of Voodoo worshippers who invite the women to have a tarot card reading. Not surprisingly, Corinne seizes the one-on-one time with Nick to express to him how emotionally attacked she feels by Taylor. Ultimately it is a tough decision for Nick but he has to go with who HE is connecting with, not how the bachelorettes feel about each other. Corinne is the woman he chooses, leaving Taylor stranded in the bayou surrounded by alligators.

Whipped Cream & Lies: Taylor doesn't like how Corinne has portrayed her to Nick and won't leave New Orleans without speaking her mind. She interrupts Nick and Corinne during their mini one-on-one to say her piece. 

Will Nick ask Taylor to stay? Don't miss a second of The Bachelor Season 21 and Nick's journey to find his soulmate MONDAY 8|7c on ABC!

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The women who received a rose this week are:
Alexis, 23, aspiring dolphin trainer, Secaucus, NJ
Corinne, 24, business owner, Miami, FL
Danielle L. , 27, small business owner, Los Angeles, CA
Danielle M., 31, neonatal nurse, Nashville, TN
Jaimi, 28, chef, New Orleans, LA
Jasmine G., 29, pro basketball dancer, San Francisco, CA
Josephine, 24, registered nurse, Santa Cruz, CA
Kristina, 24, dental hygienist, Lexington, KY
Rachel, 31, attorney, Dallas, TX
Raven, 25, fashion boutique owner, Hoxie, AR
Vanessa, 29, special education teacher, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Whitney, 25, Pilates instructor, Chanhassen, MN

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