The Bachelor 2019 Finale Recap, Part 1: Colton Breaks Up with Two Women

The Bachelor 2019 Finale Recap, Part 1: Colton Breaks Up with Two Women

When we last left off at the end of Week 9, nothing much was going on OH WAIT COLTON JUMPED A FENCE AND RAN OFF INTO THE NIGHT. Let's tackle the big questions in order: Can the producers find Bachelor Colton Underwood in the Portuguese countryside at night? Will he remain uneaten by wolves? If he does come back, will he continue? (It sure seemed like Cassie broke the hell out of his heart.) What about Hannah G's Fantasy Suite date? There are a lot of questions that this episode needed to answer, and if you want to get that straight from the faucet you can watch The Bachelor season 23, Finale Part 1 right here on or in the ABC app, or read on for highlights and spoilers to find out what happened after Colton jumped the fence on The Bachelor 2019!

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Colton Underwood Shower Watch 2019

There's no time for showering, people. Colton is missing.

Where's Colton?

No one knows where Colton went. Chris Harrison and the rest of the producers are legit just yelling into the night trying to find our wayward Bachelor. At one point, Harrison says to keep looking but they're calling the police in 20 minutes. Yikes. 

Thankfully, someone spots a figure walking down the road ahead. The good news is that it's Colton. The bad news is that he's done:

This feels like it's about more than just Cassie leaving. After all, he's got two other women, Tayshia and Hannah G, who are both hoping that Colton will propose to them very soon. But this is also about Colton feeling like he's never going to be loved back the way that he loves:

The Morning After

After a night of sleep, maybe things would come into focus for Colton. Maybe he'd realize that while a total bummer, Cassie leaving him was a bump in the road, and his journey to love would continue. Everything will be just fine after all! Orrrrrrr...maybe he would decide that Cassie is the only one for him and that he's willing to sacrifice anything to get her back:

So while the freakout wasn't just about Cassie, it was definitely mostly about Cassie. Colton's in love, and that's that. He's chosen to run his Bachelor playthrough on hard mode, that's for sure.

The Unhappy Endings

Which brings us to the more unpleasant part of this story: The futures of Tayshia and Hannah G. Colton's going to have to break it off with both of them. Both women, in their minds, are on the precipice of getting engaged and starting their new lives with their new husband Colton. But instead, they get surprise visits with bad news. Here's Tayshia's:

Oof. Tayshia was a little wary after her Fantasy Suite date didn't include the physical intimacy she anticipated, but it's unlikely she was expecting ANYTHING like that. Tayshia joined Chris Harrison on stage during the live portion of the show, and she said that when she heard the knock on her door, she playfully thought, "I wish it was Colton," but I'm sure she'd take that back now. She and Colton got to see each other for the first time since that day, and while it was awkward at first, they reached a bit of an understanding and got some closure.

Next up was Hannah G. Hannah, you may recall, is still expecting to have a Fantasy Suite date at this point. She's ready to tell him that she loves him. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him. And with every glowing word out of her mouth, you want to yell "Don't open that door!" Here's their breakup:

Colton tried to soften the blow, but to Hannah, "I thought it was going to be you" while you're getting dumped is cold comfort. Poor Hannah couldn't even speak in the van as she left.

Colton took it pretty hard too, crying into a hug from one of the producers. But he also believed it was the right decision:

Hannah G was live in the studio with Chris afterward, and she said that seeing Colton's emotional response hit her pretty hard. And it's clear that she still hasn't recovered from the breakup, which she called the "ultimate rejection." When Colton came out on stage to join her, she told him she felt like he never gave her any reason to think that it wasn't her—so how did this happen? Colton was direct and told her that his relationship was just stronger with Cassie than it was with her, and that once he realized that, going into the Fantasy Suite with Hannah just wasn't an option.

For her part, Hannah said she hopes Colton is happy, and she now knows what she's looking for: someone who will jump a fence for her. 

Well...what now? Colton has zero ladies left on the show, which makes love a bit of an uphill battle against circumstance (and, you know, math). Colton has to do something.

So he knocks on a door...

...and we'll see you back here TOMORROW 8|7c for the Part 2 of the exciting Bachelor finale!

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