The Bachelor 2019 Premiere: Who Did Colton Send Home?

The Bachelor 2019 Premiere: Who Did Colton Send Home?

After missing out on love with Bachelorette Becca Kufrin, then watching his budding romance with Tia Booth fall apart on Bachelor in Paradise, Colton Underwood gets another shot at love on The Bachelor 2019! Will the third time be the charm for this ex-pro football player and—you may have heard—virgin? Certainly he hopes so, and the first step is meeting the 30 bachelorettes who are ready to raise a litter of puppies with him. To celebrate this big occasion, The Bachelor hosted a live viewing event in LA, as well as a few viewing parties across the nation. You can watch The Bachelor season 23, episode 1 right here on or in the ABC app, or read on for highlights and to find out who went home on The Bachelor!

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Is Colton Ready for This?

The big question going into this season was whether or not Colton is ready to find love. After all, his relationship with Tia fizzled after Colton changed his mind—a couple of times—as to whether he was ready for them to be a couple. Colton was definitely a controversial choice. Here's Colton discussing bachelor backlash and marriage with Chris Harrison:

Colton Meets the Ladies

In the pool for "Which Woman Will Be the First to Mention Colton's Virginity," did you choose "The Very First One"? Because Demi, the first woman to hop out the limo, brought it up:

It's gonna be a long season for you, my friend.

Here's a compilation of some of the more wild entrances:

Bri got a lot of attention leading up to the premiere for her fake Australian accent upon meeting Colton, so Chris Harrison asked her about it when she showed up at the premiere— and brought in Courtney and Lily—real Australians—from Bachelor Winter Games to weigh in on it:

Bri was a pretty good sport about the whole thing.

The Cocktail Party of Fun and Thievery

Once the introductions were complete, it was on to the time-honored tradition of the Cocktail Party for 30 with Only Enough Time for Like 20 People to Talk to The Bachelor. No one wants to be in the position of not having talked to the Bachelor before the first Rose Ceremony, because it drastically lowers your chance of getting a rose. So all the ladies fought for their chance to talk to Colton, and tried to use it as efficiently as possible. Erika went for the point blank question about Colton's virginity:

As the night went on and the pressure to chat with Colton grew, Catherine wanted to be sure she had plenty of time with the Bachelor, grabbing him not once, not twice, but three times. None of the ladies appreciated her hogging Colton, so Onyeka pulled her aside for a chat about respect:

Catherine gets points for persistence, we guess? Looks like she'll be one to watch as the season goes along and tensions rise.

Caelynn and Katie both managed to steal a kiss from Colton, but one of the biggest moments of the first evening is always the First Impression Rose, because it's our first glimpse into what the Bachelor might be looking for in a mate. This time around, the lucky lady was Hannah G:

The Rose Ceremony

And then, of course, it was time to start sending ladies home. Colton had 30 women show up, but only 23 of them would be staying in the mansion for Week 2. Which 7 went home? Watch and find out!

Colton's First Rose Ceremony, Part 1

Colton's First Rose Ceremony, Part 2

Will Colton find love this season, or will he end up brokenhearted one more time? Watch the extended season preview here:

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