The Bachelor 2019 Recap, Week 5: Colton Storms Out

The Bachelor 2019 Recap, Week 5: Colton Storms Out

Drama between the bachelorettes on The Bachelor is more or less a given; when 30 women are dating the same guy, there's bound to be a bit of friction. But what happens when the Bachelor himself can't take it? This week, when a pair of ladies got into it over whether one of them was here for the Right Reasonstm, Bachelor Colton Underwood found himself mixed up in it—and then he stormed out in the middle of the cocktail party. Is he coming back? We'll find out soon, but first, let's take a look back at everything that happened before the bachelor bolted. You can watch The Bachelor season 23, episode 5 right here on or in the ABC app, or read on for highlights and spoilers to find out who went home on The Bachelor!

First Time For Everything

After the episode began as it often does—with Colton showering for a while—the ladies introduced us to Thailand, the next stop on the grand journey. First up was a 1-on-1 date, the sought-after alone time with the Bachelor. Heather was the lucky recipient of this date, which was bound to be very interesting. Heather, as you may recall, is also a virgin, but has also not yet had her first kiss. That means any alone time with Colton and Heather carries a particular weight for both parties: Heather's anxious about a big first in her life, and Colton's probably feeling the pressure of wanting that moment to be special—if it's going to happen at all. 

Which, as the date progresses, it doesn't. Heather says she's ready to kiss Colton, but the pair passes on a few easy opportunities for a quick canoodle. The date goes well—conversation seems smooth and Colton gives her the rose at dinner. But time's running out if they're planning on taking advantage of this alone time. Would the date end in fireworks or fizzle for these two? Watch and see:

Elyse Feels the Pressure

Things were looking up for Elyse after her romantic 1-on-1 date with Colton in Week 3. But since then she's found it hard to share Colton with so many other women. She goes to his room after he gets back from a date with Heather, and tells him that it's been tough, and that she wouldn't be able to accept a proposal after a few months of sharing him with other women. So where exactly does that leave her? With not a lot of options:

Welcome to the Jungle

The next day it was group date time. Colton's dates have often had a theme of making the ladies push themselves, face their fears, and all that other character-building stuff that is terrible but your parents always told you was good for you, but you never listened, and that's probably why you're not an astronaut today. This date was no different, as Colton took the ladies to the jungles of Thailand to learn how to survive if they're lost in the jungle. When it's time to start holding the wild animals—and eating them—only a few keep their cool:

After the lessons, the girls have a competition to see who can find water and food in an hour. Saying that the rules of the competition were vague at best Demi leads her group back to the bus, which takes them back into civilization, and they return with cheeseburgers and champagne. They get disqualified, but Demi remains sure her decision was the right one.

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

Cassie and Colton had a 1-on-1 on this episode too. They seem to really be into each other. That's great and we're happy for them, but we must forge on to the drama! Onyeka says that she had a frank discussion with Elyse before she left regarding the other ladies in the house, and Onyeka said that Elyse told her that Nicole said (as you can already see, some of this may or may not be hearsay) that being on the Bachelor was an opportunity for her to get out of Miami. Which is to say, Nicole is not here for the Right Reasonstm. This is one of the cardinal sins of the Bachelor Franchise. Onyeka takes this info to Colton, who is terrified—TERRIFIED—that one of these ladies might be here just to get famous and not to fall in love with him.

Here's the complicated part: It might not be true. Oops:

So Tayshia is saying that Nicole never said that, which means that Nicole might actually be here for the Right Reasonstm, which is, you know, the point. By now, Nicole has accused Onyeka of bullying her; Onyeka denies it and says Nicole cries all the time. The ladies keep going, louder and louder, to the point that it interrupts Colton's chat with Katie. He gets up to see what all this is about and is flung into the middle of the argument:

And on that note, we're hit with the most painful three words in the Bachelor universe: "To be continued." Will Onyeka stay? Will Nicole stay? For that matter, will Colton stay? And will anyone go rescue Katie from that couch? Find out next week...

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