The Bachelor 2019 Recap, Week 9: Why Did Colton Jump the Fence?

The Bachelor 2019 Recap, Week 9: Why Did Colton Jump the Fence?

Even in its 23rd season, The Bachelor still manages to gives us stories and moments that we've never seen before. This week, Bachelor Colton Underwood will indeed take to the Portugal skies and jump that fateful fence in a move that's been teased since the season premiere. The question, of course, is Why did Colton jump over the fence? And you, our smart, good-looking reader, are going to find the answer to that burning question below. You can watch The Bachelor season 23, episode 9 right here on or in the ABC app, or read on for highlights and spoilers to find out why Colton vanished into the night on The Bachelor 2019!

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Colton Underwood Shower Watch 2019

Maybe it's because Colton has showered so much this season that he never needs to shower again, but there was NO SHOWER to open the episode this week. I guess you could count the flashback to Colton showering with Hannah G in Vietnam, but I we're pretty sure Mark Twain once said, old showers are old news. The episode kicked off just after the Rose Ceremony at the end of Week 8, with Colton having a chat with Chris Harrison about the Fantasy Suite dates looming upon arrival in Algarve, Portugal. Colton is ready, and feels that he's ready to lose his virginity if he decides he's in love with any of Final 3 on The Bachelor. So, is he?

Tayshia's Fantasy Suite Date

First up in Portugal was Tayshia. Despite their mutual fear of heights, all of Tayshia and Colton's dates seem to involve some sort of aeronautical adventure, so naturally, this time they took a helicopter tour around the coasts of Portugal, which were pretty stunning. The two shared dinner that night, where Tayshia revealed that her marriage had ended due to her husband's infidelity. Trust, then, is a huge part of relationships for her.

So did she trust Colton enough to join him in the Fantasy Suite? Yup. And did know? Well:

But if we know anything about Colton, it's that he likes to take things slow, so we wouldn't read too much into that, honestly. They seemed closer than ever after this date wrapped up. Colton's going to have a tough call ahead of him here. 

Cassie Is Confused

The second Overnight Date was Cassie's, and the two spent the day walking through Algarve, taking in the sights, dancing with random old men—just normal date stuff. As you may recall, Colton was kinda bummed that Cassie didn't at least say that she was falling for him on their Hometown Date, but gave her a rose anyway. So he was hoping to get that validation here, and Cassie was happy to say that she really likes Colton, and feels safe and comfortable around him, and that he lets her really feel like herself. Did you notice the L Word was missing there? Colton probably did too. 

Then Colton told Cassie that her dad didn't give his blessing for Colton to propose to her, and that sent Cassie right off the rails:

Cassie, it seems, is confused—if we are to take the fact that she said "confused" approximately seventeen thousand times at face value. Her dad even shows up at her hotel room in Portugal(!!!) to have another conversation with her on the topic. He says you gotta be sure before you get married. Cassie says she doesn't think she is. So that night, she tells Colton that she loves him but that she's not in love with him. She cares about him but that's not enough:

Colton is crushed.

The Third Stage of Grief: Bargaining and Jumping Over Fences

So, with a woman he's clearly very interested in ready to pack it up and fly back to the States, Colton doesn't have a lot of moves left to make. But he does have a pretty big one, and that's to just cast off the typical trappings of the show—where the Bachelor is affectionate but must be somewhat cagey with his final few women—and he just lays it all out there:

Uh, does Colton know there are still two other women on the show? He's just straight-up telling Cassie he hopes it's her at the end? 

The conversation continues and Cassie says that ultimately, it's best for everyone if she leaves. She's not ready to marry Colton, and she knows he wants to get married and have kids and all that soon. That's not possible with her right now. Colton says, well, we don't have to get engaged. He'd rather be not engaged with her than engaged with someone else. Again, we remind you, THERE ARE TWO OTHER WOMEN LEFT ON THE SHOW. 

It's not enough for Cassie. She gets in the van and heads off. 

But it's definitely enough for Colton, because he storms out of the resort, shoves a camera out of his face, slaps a walkie-talkie into a craft services cart, and heads for the hills. The crew calls after him to no avail; Chris Harrison does the same. But Colton cannot be stopped:

Colton jumped the fence. And now he's gone.

Don't miss "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All" TONIGHT 8|7c on ABC! And next week, the TWO-NIGHT LIVE FINALE EVENT STARTS MONDAY 8|7c, and we'll see if Colton decides to come back, and where the show goes from there.