The Bachelor 2019 Recap, Week 9: Why Did Colton Jump the Fence?

The Bachelor 2019 Recap, Week 9: Why Did Colton Jump the Fence?

Even in its 23rd season, The Bachelor still manages to gives us stories and moments that we've never seen before. This week, Bachelor Colton Underwood will indeed take to the Portugal skies and jump that fateful fence in a move that's been teased since the season premiere. The question, of course, is Why did Colton jump over the fence? And you, our smart, good-looking reader, are going to find the answer to that burning question below. You can watch The Bachelor season 23, episode 9 right here on or in the ABC app, or read on for highlights and spoilers to find out why Colton vanished into the night on The Bachelor!

Colton Underwood Shower Watch 2019

Maybe it's because Colton has showered so much this season he never needs to shower again, but there was NO SHOWER to open the episode this week. I guess you could count the flashback to Colton showering with Hannah G in Vietnam, but I we're pretty sure Mark Twain once said, old showers are old news. The episode kicked off just after the Rose Ceremony at the end of Week 8, with Colton having a chat with Chris Harrison about the Fantasy Suites looming upon arrival in Algarve, Portugal. Colton is ready, and feels that he's ready to lose his virginity if he decides he's in love with any of the remaining bachelorettes. So, is he?

Tayshia's Fantasy Suite Date

First up in Portugal was Tayshia. Despite their mutual fear of heights, all of Tayshia and Colton's dates seem to involve some sort of aeronautical adventure, so naturally, this time they took a helicopter tour around the costs of Portugal, which were pretty stunning. The two shared dinner that night, where Tayshia revealed that her marriage had ended due to her husband's infidelity. Trust, then, is a huge part of relationships for her.

So did she trust Colton enough to join him in the Fantasy Suite? Yup. And did know? Well:

But if we know anything about Colton, it's that he likes to take things slow, so we wouldn't read too much into that, honestly. They seemed closer than ever after this date wrapped up. Colton's going to have a tough call ahead of him here. 

Cassie Is Confused

The second Overnight Date was Cassie's, and the two spent the day walking through Algarve, taking in the sights, dancing with random old men—just normal date stuff. As you may recall, Colton was kinda bummed that Cassie didn't at least say that she was falling for him on their Hometown Date, but gave her a rose anyway. So he was hoping to get that validation here, and Cassie was happy to say that she really likes Colton, and feels safe and comfortable around him, and that he lets her really feel like herself. Did you notice the L Word was missing there? Colton probably did too. 

immediately turned their date in Santa Ana, CA, into a trust exercise, as she blindfolded Colton upon arrival. It got crazier from there, as she drove them to a local airfield for an exciting day: skydiving. After bungee jumping in Singapore, Tayshia wanted to keep the pair facing their fears together. Colton was definitely worried, and created his own prayer for the occasion:

Priorities: Colton has them. 

As intimidating as jumping out of an airplane at 12,000 feet might be, that was nothing compared to meeting Tayshia's friendly but imposing father, Desmond. Most of the family was concerned about Tayshia getting hurt again (she's been married before), but no one more than Desmond. He was skeptical of the process, so what would he say when Colton asked for his permission to marry his daughter:

So, that was...ouch. Not a great start. But after Tayshia had some conversations with her father, she was able to convince him that this was what she wanted and that she was ready, and he eventually said he trusted his daughter and would be happy to welcome Colton to the family. 

Cassie's Hometown Date

From Santa Ana, it's just a quick drive over to Cassie's hometown of Huntington Beach, CA, which was Colton's final stop on the hometown tour. Cassie and Colton spent their day on the beach, with Colton enduring yet another class—surfing class, taught by Cassie. It probably went better than the etiquette class in Alabama, but that's not saying much. He didn't drown, which is probably the best result based on his pop-ups. 

The feeling of water quickly rising above your head returned later that evening when Colton was hanging with Cassie's family. They all had tough questions for the new couple, and Cassie's father, Matt, had a particularly tense conversation with his daughter that had her on the defensive. That tension remained when Colton asked for his daughter's hand in marriage:

And this time, there was no conversation that fixed it. That was simply that: permission not granted. What would that mean for Cassie's chance at getting a rose? Hmm, if only there was some way that you could easily find out...

The Rose Ceremony

Four women. Three roses. One really tough choice for Colton.

Tayshia and Hannah G got the first roses, meaning close friends Caelynn and Cassie would be splitting up here. In the end, Matt's failure to give Colton his blessing didn't matter, as Cassie got a rose, and Caelynn was sent home. As we said earlier, she could really see their future together, so this completely blindsided her:

Next Monday, Colton and his three bachelorettes will have the Fantasy Suites at their disposal. And I don't know if you're aware of this, but Colton is a virgin, so that's bound to get pretty interesting. How interesting? HOW ABOUT FENCE JUMP INTERESTING?!? That's right, Monday you'll finally be seeing the moment you've been talking about all season.

And then on Tuesday—yes, there will be two episodes next week—it's time for the Women Tell All, when we get Colton and all the ladies who have already been eliminated this season together in one room to reopen wounds and help some of the ladies get some closure for their time with Colton. 

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