Deleted Scenes: The 2015 Season Premiere

Deleted Scenes: The 2015 Season Premiere

Now that the 2015 season premiere is over, Season 19 of The Bachelor is in full swing! In the first episode, we saw new Bachelor Chris Soules meet the 30 bachelorettes that will be vying for his heart throughout the season. But here are some deleted scenes that you DIDN'T see during the season premiere, that, in at least one case (*cough* Tara *cough*), might give you a different impression of these ladies.

Tara's Romantic Present

When Tara gets some one-on-one time with Chris, she reveals that she has done a lot of professional fishing. She presents him with a bracelet made of fish hooks. It's a sweet gift, and it's likely a big part of the reason Chris decided to keep her despite her not-so-great performance at the rose ceremony.

Kaitlyn Raps About Her Childhood 

Growing up in the 1990s, Kaitlyn had a childhood full of rap inspirations. With a little help from Chris and her fellow bachelorettes, she shows off her own rap skills. It's impressive, but will it be enough to win Chris' heart?

Ashley Gives a Geography Lesson

When Kaitlyn tells the ladies she lives in Vancouver, Ashley S. leads an odd discussion. Is she really talking about geography or was it an opportunity to take a jab at Kelsey by calling her "above the conversation"? Either way, it looks like the claws are coming out!

Chris at the Iowa State Fair

Chris stepped away from the ladies for a moment and visited the Iowa State Fair. Determined to make his home state proud, he met and took photos with fans from all over the Hawkeye State - he even met the governor!

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