Deleted Scenes: Season 19, Episode 2

Deleted Scenes: Season 19, Episode 2

This season of The Bachelor is shaping up to be the most shock-tastic season ever! While there’s already been a lot revealed in the latest episode, there's never a shortage of extra footage with Chris Soules and his bachelorettes. Here are some deleted scenes that didn’t quite make it to primetime. 

The Sunflower Ceremony

Some of the bachelorettes take part in a mock rose ceremony, opting for its equal: the sunflower. Jordan has trouble saying the word “sunflower” – among other things – while Nikki presents Whitney with the final rose... er, sunflower.

Carly’s Carny Hands

A very peppy Carly finally gets some intimate one-on-one time with Chris. When he emerges with an origami fortune teller, she brings up her "strangely tiny" hands, revealing an unfortunate nickname, “Carny Hands.”

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