Deleted Scenes: Season 19, Week 4

Deleted Scenes: Season 19, Week 4

With a houseful of women vying for Chris Soules's affection on The Bachelor, many contestants have resorted to some pretty daring moves in order to capture his attention. In fact, so many of the bachelorettes pull outrageous moves that not all of the salacious scenes make the final cut. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered some of the more noteworthy deleted scenes—think women offering up their undergarments to Chris!—from the January 26 episode of The Bachelor

Mentioning Unmentionables

In what some may consider a bold move, Whitney invited Chris to retrieve her undergarments from underneath her skirt. Did Chris accept her risqué offer?

Not So Smooth Sailing

Some people drive, walk or even fly hundreds of miles to be with the one they love. Ashley S., on the other hand, chooses to travel by canoe in order to get to closer to Chris.

Sister Act

Though Chris is searching for his future wife, he already has some pretty important women in his life: his sisters! And you better believe his siblings were full of advice when it came to helping their brother cope with his oh-so-unique search for love. 

Jimmy Kimmel Likes Kaitlyn|She made Costco easy... what else could you want?|Guest Host Jimmy Kimmel sends Kaitlyn away so he can talk to Chris Soules about her. But Kaitlyn's safe, because Jimmy likes her and doesn't think Chris can do much better. See Chris's response in this deleted scene from Week 4 of the 2015 season of the Bachelor.

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