Deleted Scenes: Season 19, Week 5

Deleted Scenes: Season 19, Week 5

Between Kelsey's panic attack and Carly's oh-so-intimate date with Chris, the February 4 episode of The Bachelor definitely delivered a lot of drama. But what were the bachelorettes saying about the controversial widow before she collapsed? (Hint: Not-so-nice things!) And what didn't we see of Carly-and-Chris' steamy date? We reveal the answers with this week's deleted scenes: 

That's Bananas! 

Carly took the time to tell the girls all about how she rubbed a banana on Chris' face during their one-on-one date.  

Carly Breaks Down Her 1-On-1|More hilarious details on the love guru date.|Carly talks about all the unorthodox things she had to do on her date with Chris -- like rub a banana on his face -- in this deleted scene from Week 5 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.

Widow Conversation-Maker

This week, Kelsey finally opened up to Chris about losing her husband, but she’s wasn’t the only gal discussing her status as a widow. Kaitlyn and Ashley chatted about Kelsey’s situation, as well as how weird they thought it was that she was on a quest for love so soon after having lost one.

Kaitlyn and Ashley Discuss Kelsey|The ladies try to decipher who Kelsey really is.|In a quiet moment in Santa Fe, Kaitlyn and Ashley discuss their experiences dealing with Kelsey. Ashley says she's had a good talk with Kelsey, but both agree that Kelsey really doesn't like Kaitlyn. They also discuss whether Kelsey, a relatively recent widow, is ready for this experience, in this deleted scene from Week 5 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.

Reaching New Heights 

After overcoming her fear of heights to go on a hot air balloon ride with Chris, Britt opened up to him about how safe she feels around him. 

Britt and Chris Discuss Fears|And they follow up on her concerns about all the kissing.|Britt and Chris discuss their fears and how Chris makes her feel safe in this deleted scene from Week 5 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor. They also discuss how Britt called him on kissing all the women in the house.

Jordan who?

An already-eliminated Jordan may have been a hot topic of conversation among the women when she made a surprise return on The Bachelor, but Whitney chose to spend her one-on-one time with Chris talking about their relationship. 

Whitney Talks Love with Chris|She's not concerned about Jordan's return.|On the night that Jordan makes a shocking reappearance, Whitney scores some 1-on-1 time with Chris, but prefers not to discuss the other ladies. She focuses on her relationship with Chris in this deleted scene from Week 5 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.

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