Jimmy Kimmel Swears in Peter Weber as the Next Bachelor

Jimmy Kimmel Swears in Peter Weber as the Next Bachelor

In case you haven't heard, Peter Weber is the next Bachelor! But before Peter can begin his journey to find love on The Bachelor, which will return in January 2020, he must be sworn in. And there is (apparently) only one man in the state of California who is licensed to perform these duties: Jimmy Kimmel.

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This week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Peter stopped by to make his new role official, and Jimmy made him swear on a copy of People magazine that he would uphold his duties as the next Bachelor, which included promising to not give the First Impression Rose to someone wearing an animal costume, promising to cry somewhere in either episode 5 or 6, and to "keep the crazy girl all the other girls hate on the show for at least four weeks, even though you have zero intention of marrying her."

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See all of the important promises that Peter made during his swearing-in ceremony right here:

Watch Jimmy Kimmel swear in Peter Weber as the next Bachelor

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