Aaron B.
Aaron B.
Software Salesman
San Diego, California

Bachelor Biography

It's easy to see what makes Aaron B. such a great catch. His smile lights up every room he walks into, and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Aaron B. is passionate, understanding, patient and a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic. The former football player says he's truly ready to find his perfect match and hopes his future wife is outgoing, emotionally intelligent and thoughtful. When Aaron B. isn't hustling at his job in software sales, he loves listening to Tyler, the Creator's music; reading James Patterson novels; and enjoying some delicious Cajun food. After his last long-term relationship didn't work out, Aaron B. is excited for the chance to fall in love again and can't wait for his Bachelorette journey to begin.

Fun Facts:
• Aaron B. taught himself how to play the violin and the piano.
• Aaron B. eats peanut butter straight from the jar.
• Aaron B. is spheksophobic, aka scared of wasps.