Blake Monar
Blake Monar
Male Grooming Specialist
Phoenix, AZ

Bachelor Biography

Growing up, baseball was Blake Monar's life. Two years into living out his boyhood dream of playing in the major leagues, a debilitating neuromuscular injury pushed him into early retirement and forced him to figure out what he really wanted out of life. Blake's next move was a bold one -- he packed up his entire life and moved to Phoenix where he now owns and operates a cosmetic company. Blake's next big move? He's here to find his future wife! Blake's dream woman is incredibly secure in herself and has done the work to become the best version of them possible. His idea of a romantic night includes cooking dinner at home and watching movies in sweatpants.

- Blake Monar doesn't have any pets of his own, but says he is everyone's first call when they need a dogsitter.
- Blake Monar has never left the country.
- Blake Monar loves to take his mom shopping.
- Blake Monar loves pancakes.