Commercial Roofer
Milford, MA

Bachelor Biography

Brendan is a sensitive soul who is ready to share his life with a special woman. After losing his dad at a young age, he knew that his purpose in life was to be a father. After relocating to Los Angeles, Brendan decided to move back home to Massachusetts to work for the family roofing business and be closer to his family -- especially his nieces and nephews, whom he can't get enough of. In his free time, Brendan loves some good true crime, working out and hanging out with his friends. Brendan is all about that initial attraction when meeting a woman. He loves to make a woman feel desired and describes himself as a true romantic.

- Brendan can juggle.
- Brendan's real passion is coaching his high school's basketball team.
- Brendan's buddies from home call him "BMoney."
- Brandon's signature look is a turtleneck.