IT Account Executive
San Diego, CA

Bachelor Biography

Chasen grew up in the world of competitive swimming and is ready to win the race for Clare's heart! The ultimate romantic, Chasen says he has never been close to getting married but hopes to one day have a long and happy marriage similar to that of his parents who have been together for 35 years. After ending a two-year toxic relationship with his co-worker, Chasen says he is finally in the right headspace to find his future bride. Chasen's dream girl is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. He loves women who take pride in staying fit and can carry on a meaningful conversation without any awkward silences. Chasen considers himself to be very romantic and loves making his significant other feel special. He says there is no better feeling than seeing your partner smile and knowing the reason is because of you. He is a self-proclaimed adventure seeker and loves to say yes to things other people might consider insane. His latest insane adventure? You're looking at it!

- Chasen's nickname is "Wolverine" because, according to his friends, he recovers and heals quickly.
- Chasen can't wait to get a goldendoodle puppy one day.
- Chasen once swam from San Francisco to Alcatraz wearing only a pink speedo.